Polish health resorts

Poland is home to many wonderful health resorts and sanatoriums that offer a wide range of treatments and therapies throughout the year. From the beautiful mountain resort of Krynica-Zdrój, where you can enjoy the healing properties of mineral waters, to the sunny seaside resort of Kołobrzeg, which offers treatments using the sea climate. Many of these places have a long history and tradition in treating various ailments, and their natural resources, such as brines, muds and medicinal gases, are used to improve the health and well-being of visitors. And the best part is that sanatoriums in Poland are also known for high-quality services, comfortable accommodation and professional medical care! Whatever you’re looking for, Poland has got it! Whether you’re after peace and relaxation in a quiet lowland sanatorium or energy and fresh air in a mountain spa, you’ll find a wide range of options that can meet your health needs and recreation preferences.

teznie solankowe in health resorts Ciechocinek
Tężnie solankowe w Ciechocinku

Ciechocinek, also known as the pearl of Polish health resorts, is a truly special place. The air here is so healing, you’ll feel like you’re walking in a picture-perfect park! Imagine breathing in the iodine breeze and feeling your health problems disappear faster than sugar dissolves in hot tea. This health resort is like an open-air sanatorium, where even the benches seem to have therapeutic power. And brine graduation towers? These are just giant natural inhalers that not only help with treatment, but also make a great background for selfies! And don’t forget about salt baths that will make you feel like a fish out of water – literally! Ciechocinek is not only water and salt, it is also magic and history that permeates every brick and every drop of brine. Here, even the busiest people can find a moment of peace. Stress melts away like mist over a morning lake. So if you are looking for a place where health meets relaxation, and history meets modernity, Ciechocinek is waiting with open arms and a salty heart.

Treatments in sanatoriums

Sanatoriums in Poland offer a wide range of therapeutic treatments that are tailored to the individual needs of patients. The treatments during your stay in the sanatorium will be prescribed by a doctor who will take into account the latest test results and your health condition.

The available treatments in Polish health resorts include:

  • Various forms of electrotherapy, such as diadynamics, electrostimulation, galvanisation, or TENS currents.
  • Hydrotherapy, including mud baths, pearl baths and Scottish douches, is a wonderful way to use the healing properties of water.
  • Inhalations, including saline, herbal and ultrasonic ones, help treat the respiratory tract and improve lung function.
  • Massages, such as classic, lymphatic or hydromassage, are often used to improve circulation and reduce muscle tension.
  • Sanatoriums also offer phototherapy treatments, which use various types of light to treat the skin and improve well-being. These are great for helping to make you feel better!
  • Patients can benefit from rehabilitation treatments, including cardiac, spine and general fitness exercises, which support the treatment and recovery process. These are really helpful for getting back to full health!
  • For people looking for relaxation and biological regeneration, sanatoriums offer slimming stays, SPA treatments, and access to a sauna and jacuzzi. These are great for helping you to relax and feel good!
  • Sport and recreation are important parts of your stay at the sanatorium. You can use swimming pools, tennis courts and even take part in Nordic walking classes!
  • Before you come, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor and make sure you have all the right documents to give you the best care.
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